Level 3 - We are also waiting :-)

Craig Campbell

Apr 22,2020

Level 3 Prime Minister's Announcement

As we know, our Prime Minister has advised we will be finishing Level 4 soon, and many of you are hoping to know what we can provide under Level 3 for Dental Care. At the moment, the entire Dental Profession has not been provided any information from the Ministry of Health/Dental Council.
Aftab & myself envisage that we will still be only able to provide In-Person Dental care to patients where emergency problems are not resolving with Prescribed Medication.
We therefore at this stage have been advised by the NZ Dental Association that its likely routine elective care cannot continue until we reach Level 2.
Dr Aftab Moosa has been proudly providing Emergency Care with Aerosol Protection measures, as well as many many TeleDentistry Consultations including Video based to help our treasured patients through this time.