Ministry of Health Level 4 Shutdown

Dr Craig Campbell

Mar 23, 2020

Due to Government orders by the Ministry of Health we have had to cancel all Dental Care until further guidelines are issued by the Ministry of Health

Late on Sunday night, urgent communications were recieved requiring all Dental Practices in NZ to shutdown. This is due to the high risk nature of the interaction we have with dental care and COVID-19 risk and the risk of spread. We apologise how quick this has occured, we are currently NOT on the essential worker list and thus are also required to self isolate on Wednesday night. We are currently trying to contact as many patients as possible, we apologise for the huge inconvienience this will place on so many. Craig.
UPDATE - 4 April - We are now open for Telemedicine Consultations & Emergency Essential Care. Please click to book for further information, or phone the practice.