Covid-19 & Dental Care

Dental Care  will no longer be  the same. Demand Safety.

August Level 3 - Shutdown

Aug 12, 2020

The Ministry of Health have required us to again shutdown all Dental Procedures. Urgent and Emergency care can only occur under strick conditions. The clinic is closed until Monday 17th August. We should know more hopefully on Friday.


Elective Care - Rebooking 1st June Onwards

Apr 22, 2020

Rebooking of Covid-19 affected Appointments


Essential Emergency Dental Care

Apr 5, 2020

We are now OPEN for BOTH Urgent Teledentistry Consultations & Essential Emergency CLINICAL Care


Level 2 .5 - Semi Normality Regular Care

Sep 19. 2020

Covid Level 2.5


Level 3 - We are also waiting :-)

Apr 22,2020

Level 3 Prime Minister's Announcement


Ministry of Health Level 4 Shutdown

Mar 23, 2020

Due to Government orders by the Ministry of Health we have had to cancel all Dental Care until further guidelines are issued by the Ministry of Health


Telemedicine & Dentists

Apr 4, 2020

Download Zoom, Skype us, Facetime or Facebook Video. We would love to help.


We are Open for Essential Care

Ap 4, 2020

Ministry of Health, late last week announced protocols that allow Essential Emergency Dental Care.