Our Surroundings

Sleek, intuitive design combined with an outlook over Natural bush gives our Surgeries the ultimate in settings. This is a unique clinic giving the ultimate in lifestyle dental care.

dental Technicians

We work closely with the most advanced digital laboratory in New Zealand, OralArt on the North Shore. We have long-lasting relationships with our technicians who we consider amongst the best in the country.

New Zealands private dental system means you should expect the highest quality prosthetic work, as you have choice in who constructs your ceramic and prosthetic work. The ceramists we work with are actively involved in the accurate selection of shades and colours to give in every case a natural result.

Our Materials

The last decade has seen dental care move even further in capabilities. Aesthetic materials that mimic nature are now the standard.

Instruments that provide comfortable treatment are available. Anaesthetics even have moved forward in both strength and safety.

All of these advances have resulted in better dental care that is more predicatable and capable than ever before.


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